LOGAN & DR. WOLF (CHAPTER 3: Dr. Wolf’s Office)

LOGAN & DR. WOLF (CHAPTER 3: Dr. Wolf’s Office)

Logan hadn’t had a physical in a while. With school and swimming, his every waking hour was always full to the brim. To maintain his status on the team, he needs to have a full physical exam. He has always been nervous about how his size affects his performance, in addition to all the other stresses that come with being a senior in high school…

Ian has seen Dr. Wolf a couple times for an appointment here and there, but never for anything serious. He trusts Dr. Wolf completely. After all, he is a doctor! He’s always admired how handsome and together he seemed. He was past all his adolescent woes and was living his life as a grown man… He also couldn’t get over how big and tall the doctor was!

When the doctor enters the exam room, Logan feels his heart flutter with excitement about the idea of being touched and handled by someone like him. As Dr. Wolf checks his pulse, height, and weight, Logan feels himself on the edge of getting aroused…

Standing there exposed with his cock and balls cradled by the tall, handsome doctor, Logan has to hold his breath to keep it from getting hard. When Dr. Wolf bends him over the table to perform a prostate exam, Logan doesn’t know what to expect as he presents his smooth, tight hole to the older doctor. He positions himself firmly as he waits for what’s to come, stunned when he feels the cool, lubricating gel on his hole…

As the tip of Dr. Wolf’s finger massages and teases his sphincter, he feels his cock begin to harden as it hangs between his legs! He tries to think of anything else; from swimming, baseball, to the weather… But when Dr. Wolf maneuvers his digit deep inside his hole and brushes up against his prostate, all hope of saving face is lost as his erection pops up at full attention.

Catching sight of the young man’s reaction, Dr. Wolf cracks a pleased smile.

“You seem to like it,” the doctor teases, helping Logan down from the table. Dr. Wolf reaches out his hand and strokes the underside of the shaft with his fingers, feeling the warm, smooth, silky skin of the boy’s erection.

“You like that, don’t you?”

Logan replied, breathy and desperate, “I do.”

Dr. Wolf leans down to kiss him as he moves his fingers to the backside of the boy’s body. Feeling his lubed up hole and soft, round cheeks.

Logan could feel the older man’s cock growing hard in his pants, pushing up against his zipper. The doctor looked in the boy’s eyes and nodded, giving him permission to drop to his knees. Logan pulled down the man’s pants and underwear, revealing his massive cock…

The shaft alone was as thick as his wrist and nearly as long as his forearm! His balls hung heavy and low like a pair of extra large eggs. His mouth watered and his eyes went wide, studying every detail of the older man’s cock. He’d never seen one so close before, and never one as big! It made sense to him that such a tall man would have a matching huge cock.

As he put it in his mouth, he felt his lips rub over the skin of his shaft as it moved over his tongue. The doctor’s cock was warm and delicious, filling his face as it moved inch-by-inch down his throat. He looked up at the giant that stood in front of him, so high up from where he knelt. The idea of sucking him made him even harder. He couldn’t believe it was happening, but hoped deep down that the doctor would take him all the way…


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